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Preaching is challenging business. Everyone can use some encouragement and fresh ideas.

Preach the Word (PTW) will help pastors work together to improve their preaching through video modules with accompanying resources and by interacting with seminary professors and fellow preachers.

Pastors can gather with brother pastors to watch and discuss the modules. The power of the Lutheran Reformation was the Word of God. Pastors may commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by honing their vocation of proclaiming the Gospel.


Hear what pastors say about using the free Preach the Word program.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Form a triad or group setting such as a circuit meeting. Triad configurations are ideal.
  2. Each member of triad or group completes and submits an enrollment form. Upon submission of this form, the member will be asked to complete a short survey.
  3. Gather together using the module discussion guide to move through video-based lectures.
  4. Apply what you learned through the module and record your own sermon for peer review.
  5. Review your recorded sermon with triad members and receive feedback.
  6. Each member of triad or group completes and submits a completion form. Upon submission of this form, the members will again be asked to fill out a short survey.

A module delivery guide for leaders is available to help facilitate the nuts and bolts of meeting and using the resources.


Module 1: The use of story in preaching — Rev. Dr. David Schmitt

For preachers, the question arises, “How can a preacher use stories actively in preaching?”

This module will answer that question. Using the homiletical theory of Thomas Long, you will learn to distinguish between three types of stories and discover the principles that guide preachers in effectively using each type.


Module 2: The use of biblical text in sermon preparation — Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy

This module examines the role of the biblical text in sermon preparation and delivery, encouraging preachers to reflect on their use of the text in all aspects of their homiletical task. The Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy teaches textual preaching with this operating principle: Textual preaching engages a biblical text to the extent that the text itself drives the preparation, structure, content and texture of the sermon.


Module 3: Delivering the Gospel live and in person — Rev. Dr. Carl Fickenscher

Because preaching is of utmost importance, it should be done in the way that communicates best. In our daily oral communication, we don’t read or memorize what we are saying to others. We talk naturally without preparing each individual word. Instead, we “think in thoughts.” Module 3 teaches how to “think in thoughts” in your sermon preparation and preaching, to deliver Christ in Law and Gospel.

Due to the complexity of this issue and its pervasive nature in both sermon preparation and delivery, this module requires more video resources than most modules.


Module 4: Applying God's Word into people's lives — Rev. Dr. Glenn Nielsen

God's Word works in people's lives. Application is bringing the Word of God and the listeners together. Learn how to examine a text to see the application intended in the text for your hearers. In this Preach the Word module, learn and practice the art of application. Preaching is serious business. Preaching is difficult. Here's help.


Module 5: The use of technology in preaching — Rev. Matt Peeples

The ability to spread a message worldwide is changing and growing daily. Many of these options are simple and free, thanks to new technologies and platforms. How can we leverage these new tools to enhance our task of preaching?


Module 6: Sacramental Preaching — Rev. David Petersen

This module will discuss how preachers can emphasize the central reality that God is present and forgives sins through His Word in specific places according to His promises. Pastor David Petersen guides participants to incorporate the Sacraments in preaching in exegetically and doctrinally sound ways, without falling into clichés, predictable patterns and tired phrases.


Module 7: Preaching the Baptized Life — Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing

The Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing emphasizes both Baptism and life, since God links them together. Luther says that Baptism provides enough for a Christian to study every day. Baptism is a daily reality for each Christian, who lives out the reality of God’s gifts received in Baptism.


Module 8: Law and Gospel That Isn’t—And Is—The Same Old Thing — Rev. Dr. Steven Mueller

The right distinction of Law and Gospel is fundamental to the preaching of God’s Word. But if this core message is the same every week, how can preachers avoid falling into a “rut” in their preaching, falling into a repetitiveness that may cause hearers to “tune out”? In this module, the Rev. Dr. Steven Mueller teaches an approach to preaching Law and Gospel in fresh ways each week, by anchoring that proclamation in the themes, metaphors and images of the text.


Module 9: Preaching in a Post-Christian World — Rev. Dr. Gregory P. Seltz

Our culture is now decidedly post-Christian in how it thinks and acts. Many of the basic truths of the Bible are now seen not only as foreign to our modern way of thinking, but out of touch — even dangerous.

In this module, the Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz, executive director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty, Washington, D.C., and emeritus speaker of The Lutheran Hour, walks pastors through effectively and clearly communicating the Gospel to our post-Christian culture, by keeping in mind the question, “What are my people actually hearing me say?”



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