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LCMS National Convention  •  July 23-28, 2022  •  St. Louis

Secretary, Boards, and Commissions

Committee for Convention Nominations

The Committee for Convention Nominations is responsible to select the slate of candidates for the Secretary and all boards and commissions elected at Convention (except for President, First Vice-President, and regional vice-presidents).

The Committee for Convention Nominations will review the duties and requirements of each position to be elected to inform and guide their selection of candidates from the list of nominees gathered by the nominations process.

In 2022, the Committee for Convention Nominations will select candidates for the following officer, board, and commission positions:

  • Secretary;
  • LCMS Board of Directors (at-large, ordained, lay members, and regional lay members);
  • LCMS Board for National Mission (regional individual and lay members);
  • LCMS Board for International Mission (regional individual and lay members);
  • Commission on Theology and Church Relations;
  • Concordia Publishing House—Board of Directors;
  • Lutheran Church Extension Fund—Board of Directors;
  • Concordia University System—Board of Directors; and
  • Board of Regents for each college, university and seminary of the Synod.

For more information regarding these positions, refer to the Officer, Board, and Commission Positions document.

Officer, Board, and Commission Positions

Officer, Board, and Commission Positions

Prior to convention, the Committee for Convention Nominations (through the Secretary of the Synod’s office) will collect nominations for Secretary and all elected board and commission positions. Nomination information will be mailed in January 2021 to all member congregations of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Nominations for these positions must be turned in to the Secretary of the Synod’s office.

Should the 68th Regular Convention of the LCMS convene as scheduled in 2022, the final deadline for submitting completed forms will be no later than Oct. 23, 2021. Should, however, the 2022 Synod convention be delayed by congregational vote, the nomination period will be held open until the date nine months prior to the rescheduled opening of the convention.

In either case, please encourage the submission of names as soon as possible, and preferably at least two months before the final deadline, to allow ample opportunity to handle the preliminary work of the Committee for Convention Nominations, which will meet early in the year of the convention.

In the course of submitting names, it will be helpful to include complete and accurate information to assist the Committee for Convention Nominations in its work.

The Committee for Convention Nominations is responsible for reviewing these nominations and selecting candidates for the slate for each position.

Bylaws and


These forms are used only in the nomination process for Secretary, board, and commission positions that do not require regional representation.

  • Nomination Form (due Oct. 23, 2021) — Facilitates the nomination of potential candidates for election.

Complete and return the following forms only if requested by the LCMS Office of the Secretary.

Form Instructions

To expedite processing of nominations, please open PDF forms on a computer using the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • 1. Complete — Open the PDF document. Complete the form electronically and save it to your computer. Print the form. Sign the hard copy. Keep a copy for your records.
  • 2. Email — Submit the saved electronic form via email to
  • 3. Mail — Send the hand-signed form by U.S. mail to the Committee for Convention Nominations address on the form.

Election Process

The election process at convention for the officer, board, and commission positions will follow the election of members of the LCMS Board of Directors. A majority of all votes cast shall be required for election.

Bylaws and

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