PALS: Post-Seminary Applied Learning and Support

Post-Seminary Applied Learning & Support

Study topics and training videos


Study Topics

The PALS program has developed a series of video/workbook courses organized around three main categories of modules: Preaching/Teaching, Pastoral Care, and Administration/Leadership. Groups should choose at least one topic from each of these categories each year.

In addition, there are two course offerings intended to be done early in the first year of participation as they focus specifically on the transition from seminary to parish. These are “Transition from Seminary to Parish” and “Getting to Know Your New Congregation.”

PALS Course Descriptions

Video previews are available for select standard study topics.

Course description PDF     • Download all study guides

  • Preaching/Teaching
    • Biblical Foundations for Lutheran Catechesis — by Rev. John T. Pless.
    • Pastor: Apt to Teach — by Dr. Mark Blanke
        » Study Guide (PDF)
        » Video Introduction
    • Pastor as Preacher/Teacher: “Law and Gospel” — by Rev. George F. Wollenburg
    • Pastor as Preacher/Teacher: “Doing Law and Gospel Preaching” — by Dr. Carl Fickenscher
    • Preaching as Pilgrimage — by Dr. David R. Schmitt
        » Study Guide (PDF)
        » Video Introduction
    • Preaching: The Heart and the Art — by Dr. David R. Schmitt
        » Study Guide (PDF)
        » Video Introduction

Some study topics are available electronically through our PALS e-Learning collection. All other study topics must be ordered from the LCMS Pastoral Education department.

Order form for study topics

If a facilitator plans to use materials which are not produced by the PALS program or to invite an outside speaker to present on a topic and expects reimbursement, please contact the PALS office first to make sure these expenses fit within the projected budget.


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