The Lord if my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2

COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

Please check back frequently for changes and updates as this situation continues to develop.

Featured Resources

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LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission – Webinar: ‘David’s Harp and the Parish Based Music Conservatory’
Hosted by LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission, the Rev. Nathan Sherrill presented a webinar titled “David’s Harp and the Parish Base...

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission – Webinar: ‘Ministry after the Pandemic – Making Disciples for Life’
The Rev. Dr. Steven Schave, executive director of LAMP Ministries, assists congregations in dealing with the traumatic aftermath...

COVID-19: Resources from DOXOLOGY
DOXOLOGY, an LCMS Recognized Service Organization, offers resources for pastors and congregations. Their goal is to support fait...

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The Coffee Hour – Faith Is the Antidote to Fear
Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Dr. Phil Booe, pastor of St. John Lutheran Church in Luverne, Minnesota.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} A New Kind of Normal (Sharathon 2021)
What does a return to normal (or a turn towards a brand new kind of normal) look like in a post-COVID world?

The Coffee Hour – Hear Our Prayer: Family Devotions (Rebroadcast)
Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Sean Daenzer, worship director for the LCMS and International Center chaplain.

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Congregations and Schools

Resources for worship

These resources are intended to help pastors plan and lead worship services.

Resources for study

Reaching people outside of your church, especially during a time of social restriction, can be incredibly difficult. See how you can learn and teach remotely with these Christian educator resources.

Resources for congregations and church workers

Find Bible studies and more resources to navigate these times.

Resources for livestreaming

Concordia Publishing House is offering access to its Lutheran Service Builder software and related licenses at no charge until the end of sheltering in place.

COVID-19 vaccines and mandate

Resources to help LCMS pastors and members understand the current government order.

The Lord’s Supper

“The sole purpose of this response is to promote and encourage the proper practice of the Lord’s Supper in faithfulness to the teaching and example of Christ.”

LCMS Youth Ministry and School Ministry

During the COVID-19 pandemic, LCMS Youth Ministry and LCMS School Ministry are providing encouragement and new resources for your ministry.

CDC Guidance for Community and Faith-Based Organizations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website offers practical guidance for churches as they reopen.

Resources from DOXOLOGY

DOXOLOGY, an LCMS Recognized Service Organization, offers resources for pastors and congregations. Their goal is to support faithful pastors in their vital service to the dear souls committed to their care. Visit


Families and Individuals

Resources for home

Christ’s love and message can be overshadowed amidst nervousness, uncertainty and distress. Show families how they can draw closer to Him during these times with devotional material to re-center on Christ while at home.

Financial relief

Soldiers of the Cross Amplified grants support those who work for LCMS churches, schools or organizations.

COVID-19 vaccines and mandate

Resources to help LCMS pastors and members understand the current government order.

Resources for distance learning

Gospel-centered resources to assist your home education.

Supporting your congregation

For our congregations to survive — and thrive — our worship offerings must continue as much as possible.


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Resources from our partners in ministry

These key partners have collected resources to support physical, emotional and financial health during these challenging times. LCMS ministries, workers and members are encouraged to access and make use of these resources as applicable.


Explore these resources by clicking each logo below:


Concordia Plan Services


Concordia Publishing House

LCMS Foundation


*Visit these sites frequently for new and updated information!

View more partners


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Join us on the journey

Mission and Vision

Seven Mission Priorities

The Lutheran Witness Magazine

The Lutheran Witness Magazine

Making Disciples for Life

Making Disciples for Life - Resource Center

Matching Grants

Million Dollar Match information

Church Work Recruitment Initiative

Set Apart to Serve

Caring for Ukraine


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