NOTE: New grant application opportunity for congregations

The National Development Grant application cycle is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tentative plans are in place to reopen this program in November 2021. The Esther 4:14 National Grant Program has opportunities for LCMS congregations to apply for grants to purchase equipment to meet the challenges of this pandemic. Learn more


National Grants

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Office of National Mission offers national development grants to aid LCMS congregations, Recognized Service Organizations and districts to vigorously make known the love of Christ by word and deed within our churches and communities. This is an annual grant cycle. Applications are due by Feb. 1; awards are announced in June.

For questions about National Development Grants contact or 888-THE LCMS.

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Grant Description & Criteria

Grant awards range from $1,000 to $20,000. National development grant applications are awarded for new or expanded programs that:

  1. Vigorously make known the love of Christ by word and deed within our churches and communities
  2. Address one or more of the following questions:
        • Does your project help plant, sustain or revitalize spiritually healthy, vibrant and distinctly Lutheran churches?
        • Does your project support theological education?
        • Does your project intentionally connect human care in close proximity to Word and Sacrament ministry?
        • Does your project collaborate with Synod's members and other partners to enhance mission effectiveness?
        • Does your project help nurture professional church workers to promote their spiritual, emotional and physical well-being?
        • Does your project address the ministry needs of children and youth that will enable them to grow into healthy, spiritually grounded adults?
        • Does your project enhance early childhood, elementary, or secondary Lutheran education or youth ministry?
        • Does your project strengthen and support the Lutheran family in living out God’s design?

Capital improvement projects, major equipment purchases or general operational support expenses are ineligible for this grant.

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The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Inc., including Mission Central (in Mapleton, Iowa), is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.

A contribution designated (restricted) for a specific purpose when accepted, will be used only to fund expenses related to that purpose. Occasionally, we may receive more in contributions for a particular purpose than can be wisely applied to it in the foreseeable future or the purpose may cease to be feasible. In these situations, the LCMS will make reasonable attempts to contact contributors to apply their contribution differently. If a contributor cannot be contacted, the LCMS will use the gift to meet a similar pressing need that most closely matches the contributor's original intent. Consistent with Synod Board policy, no more than 13.5 percent of a charitable contribution may be allocated to administering gifts and communicating with contributors. Contributions received and accepted by the LCMS are deemed to be in agreement with this statement.

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