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Esther 4:14 National Grant Program

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The Lord has established and equipped His church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). As people worldwide face isolation, career displacement and their own mortality, the Gospel alone brings real relief and help. New technologies and communication techniques have enabled us to proclaim the Lord's timeless truth in new and exciting ways. Many LCMS congregations have demonstrated resilience and innovation in using technology to their advantage. Because this is also a time of economic distress, some congregations have not been able to afford technology purchases. Therefore, the LCMS Office of National Mission has launched a new national grant program to encourage congregations to purchase equipment to meet the challenges of the day. Grants will be awarded based on need, innovative character and willingness to share discoveries with other LCMS congregations and organizations.

For questions about this grant please contact or 888-THE LCMS.


Who may apply?

Any congregation or recognized mission of the LCMS that has membership in an LCMS district (U.S. only) may apply for a single grant of up to $1,500.


How may grant funds be used?

Grants favor advancing congregational technological capacity. Grants may provide:

  • Technology (e.g., cameras, mixer boards);
  • End-user equipment (e.g., tablets for shut-ins);
  • Software or software subscriptions (e.g., editing software, Microsoft Teams, Zoom pro accounts);
  • Training; and
  • Other equipment or technologies to meet timely needs.

Please demonstrate that grant funds will allow congregations to reach out to members and their community. Grants may provide for new programs or provide necessary supplementation to existing programs.


How many grants will be awarded?

A grant committee will make blind award decisions based on application information. Preference will be given to grants that:

  • Demonstrate financial need;
  • Show an increased ability to meet an unmet need;
  • Provide evidence of thoughtful planning; and
  • List actual costs and vendors.

Approximately 100 grant awards are available, and they will be made until grant funds are exhausted.


How to apply

The Esther 4:14 National Grant application deadline has passed. Grant award notifications will be sent by May 31.

Online grant application is now closed

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